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The ultimate shopping checklist for new-borns

The ultimate shopping checklist for new-borns

in the final days of pregnancy, women feel the urgent need to gather all the useful stuff for their babies. This stage is called “nesting”. So put this instinct to good use and shop for all the useful things you will need for the baby in the coming days. Hope you have read my post on checklist for hospital bag for mom.

 Here is a comprehensive list; I  have tried to include links of relevant products for reference wherever I could. These links are not sponsored and the intention is to help you get an idea of what the products look like. You will get most of these products at your local market too.

    Hope you find it useful

Packing list for the hospital

1) 4 pairs of prewashed New born sized  clothes, including mittens, shoes, caps and woollens in case it’s winter season

2) swaddle cloth

3)receiving blanket 

4) quick dry sheet or a diaper changing mat

5) baby bedding , preferably with a mosquito net attached

6) disposable New born size diapers

7) baby washcloth/ handkerchief 


List for when the baby arrives home

Besides the list i wrote above, we need to stock up on some more essential stuff for the time when your baby arrives home.  My suggestion would be not go overboard with the shopping. You can stock up for a week and then buy things as and when required.

1)7 pairs of New born clothes
2)Woollen clothes in case it’s winter
3)Soft vests to wear under the clothes

Most of the clothing items I wrote here come together as a part of new born sets too. It is always wise to invest in these as its cost effective and gives you a chance to color coordinate your little ones outfit!
7) Baby wipes/ soft cotton : I used soft cotton ( buy medical grade, sterile cotton) soaked in warm water to clean before diaper change for my new born. 

8)  Soft handtowel/ burp cloth 

9) Bath tub/ bathing chair: we used a chair in the initial days and after Noddy could learn to sit without support, we moved on to a baby bath tub

10) Hair brush

11) Bath towel 

12) Diapers

13) Nappies : buy around 2 dozens of these. Babies need diaper free time to prevent those rashes . I had used nappy for Noddy until he turned one month, following which I started using cloth diapers. You can read about cloth diapers here.

14) Ear buds

15) Nailclipper/ scissor

16) Massage oil

17) Baby Soap/  body wash

18) Baby Shampoo  

19) Soft Muslin cloth to clean tongue everyday

22) Nappy rash cream : I used Ezinapi cream
I hope I have covered everything you need at least during the first 10 days of your baby’s arrival. Dont forget to wash and sanitise everything before using it for your delicate little squish!

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  1. Totally useful tips for pregnant ladies..I am sure this list would help them to start collecting things ahead and get them prepared for hospital.Great and perfect list

  2. This is a very practical list. Many expecting moms (me included!) tend to go overboard with the shopping and don’t end up using most of the stuff. My house is filled with all such useless stuff. Your list covers all the essentials.

  3. This is a detailed list for new mommies. I remember googling these things when I was pregnant. A very relevant topic to all moms.

  4. Great lists for a hospital bag. But is there anything else that moms could use rather than a muslin cloth. I’m worried the fine fibers may stick to the tongue.

  5. That is an exhaustive list for all mommies and mommies to be. Always makes sense to buy the essentials and not get carried away while shopping for baby.

  6. This list is very close to what I had planned in case of my pregnancy, except diapers. For first six months, I didn’t use diapers for my son. Rather I used the cloth nappies that my mother had stitched. It is such an insightful post.

  7. I like how your list is in line with my minimalist philosophy. Swaddles are the most important thing in this list and one cannot over emphasize on the same.

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