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Weaning the healthy way with Happibo foods.

Ever since Noddy turned 6 months, I have always been searching for all possible information and products related to weaning and and these are some important things I learnt about it

🔸️According to American Academy of Pediatrics weaning should only be started at 4-6 months of age as before this age the baby’s gut and kidneys are not developed enough to digest waste of solid food.

🔸️Do not begin weaning before the baby’s neuromuscular coordination develops and he is able to support his head and neck and can sit on a chair.

🔸️ If your baby is chewing his hands excessively and tries to bring things close to his mouth, then its a good sign of starting your weaning journey.

🔸️Avoid sugar, salt and honey during the first year completely.  Use fruit puree as artificial sweetner instead.

🔸️ During the initial stages of weaning, cook food till it is soft enough to be pureed. 

🔸️It is important to remember that MILK is the primary source of nutrition for the early stages. Solids are introduced as fillers and to develop his taste. So make sure the baby has had his milk at least an hour before the meal. 

Needless to say, preparing meals for the baby is a huge task as it involves a lot of cleaning, sterilisation of utensils, proper storage of food and those messy blender jars at the end of the day.

I usually prefer to give fresh food to Noddy and avoid storing anything in the refrigerator.  Which means even more hard work and time. It was during this time that I tried a lot of baby food products for those busy days when I want to prepare a quick meal. By trial and error, I found some of our favourites.

One such brand which deserves special mention here is Happibo foods. Created by a mom, this is a vegetable and fruit based meal and snack that comes in age appropriate textures.

We all know how difficult it is to make children accept vegetables and fruits in their diet. By introducing these at an early age, it gets much easier for them later in life. Happibo foods has natural and organic ingredients in a pureed form which is sterilised and preserved by a chemical free method. With no added salt, sugar and colour, it has become a regular in our pantry. And what is more, it is so yummy that even you would want to gulp it down !😆

We tried Mango and sweet potato puree with cashew nuts; we had started teething and the texture helped the baby in nibbling onto his food.

Carrot and sweet potato puree   reminded me of gajar ka halwa and was my personal favourite😉

Pumpkin and red lentil puree was Noddy’s favourite as he loves lentils.

Apple cinnamon puree  was so delicious that it got over in no time.
 theSince it comes in small sized cups which are sealed, it can be carried easily. The cups are microwave safe and I add a little ghee after warming the food for that extra nutrition. 

Although the brand recommends that once opened, it can be stored for 2 dats in the refrigerator, but we did not get a chance to do so as 9 out of 10 times Noddy finished it in one go. The remaining one time, I enjoyed it!

I would recommend this to all working mothers, or parents who are planning to travel and are worried about giving clean and nutritious food to their little ones.

You can find out everything about the brand here.

This is a sponsored post and the views are entirely my own. I have written this review after trying out the products myself and have shared my genuine views here. Honestly, I am thankful I discovered this brand. We love you, Happibo!❤

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