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5 vegetables that are good for your toddler’s digestion

5 vegetables that are good for your toddler’s digestion

Introducing Vegetables in your toddlers food is perhaps the most important and challenging aspect of developing good eating habits. Vegetables are a good source of dietary fibre and vitamins and are essential for the overall growth and development of your toddler.


Here is a list of 5 vegetables that are rich in dietary fibres and can aid in relieving constipation in toddlers
1) Cauliflower : besides being a rich source of antioxidants, it has a high content of dietary fibre which prevents stomach problems and relieves constipation
2) lady finger: rich in folates, it nourishes the nervous system besides helping in better digestion
3) bitter gourd: one of the most challenging vegetables to incorporate in your child’s diet, it has properties that boost the immune system and aid in better digestion
4) carrots : good for brain health and cognitive function, it is a good source of vit A and dietary fibres
5) drumsticks : they are probably the most underrated superfood. They are rich in fibre, improve blood circulation, prevents respiratory problems, boosts immunity and helps build stronger bones.

Go creative with the recipes to create your toddlers interest towards the vegetables. Hope you found this post useful enough to incorporate these vegetables in your toddlers meal. I would love to know. You can also find me on Instagram.
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