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The ultimate hospital bag checklist for Indian moms

The ultimate hospital bag checklist for Indian moms

If you have reached 30th week of your pregnancy, this post is for you! By now you must be excited about meeting your baby and must be having anxiety attacks about the preparations and shopping to be done and the D day. 

Relax! In my series of blog posts,  I will help you with the list of things to buy for you and your baby which will help you in the coming days. 

1) medical records, files, insurance papers

2) a bathrobe/ nightrobe : will be handy  during labor

3) flip-flops
4)  change of clothes for a couple of days: prefer loose , front open nightgowns which makes breastfeeding easy. Most hospitals provide their Gowns for the same purpose. You can also use your hubby’s shirts.

5) some women bleed a lot post delivery, disposable panties are a great buy and are really convinient  to use. Make sure you check the size before you buy 

6) maternity pads

7) nursing bra : I am using this since last 8 months and find it affordable and comfortable 

8) breast pads

9) routine toiletries, toothbrush, hairbrush and skincare products

10) plastic bags to store dirty clothes

11) bath and hand towels 

12) light entertainment : like books, magazines, music, tabs to pass time.

13) phone charger 

14) camera: to capture the priceless memories!

15) snacks and drinks

16) going home outfit: we all want to look good in those homecoming pictures, don’t we?!

17) nipple cream : initial breastfeeding days can get difficult with those cracked nipples. I used Nipcare cream but it’s always better to ask your doctor for the prescription

18) plenty of hand sanitiser:  MUST be used by everyone who touches the baby , EVERY SINGLE TIME. Remember,  New borns are very prone to infection . 

 19) breast pump ( optional) can buy later if needed

20) chord blood kit: again this depends on the hospital policies

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  1. Wow this list of things for new mom to be is very helpful to make a bag pack for hospital. You mention small to small requirement of things which one may use during hospital days. Wonderful. thanks for sharing. It will help many.

  2. Everything you mentioned above are must haves while rushing to hospital for delivery. One should prepare this bag as early they could since you never know when you might need it.

  3. Very true, I remember how unprepared I was and after baby’s arrival my better half was searching high n low for each & every thing.
    Very useful post.

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