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The art of ESCAPISM

I learnt a new word yesterday, “DRAPETOMANIA”. It’s Greek in origin and refers to ‘an overwhelming urge to run away.’

All of us, at some point in our lives, have dealt with important issues in our lives by just running away from them . It could be school stress, a work situation, hectic life with children, death of a loved one, family troubles, relationship woes or a traumatic experience. We keep avoiding to confront it and pretend that everything is okay, only to find ourselves stuck in the same situations and contexts again and again.. feeling the same way, thinking the same things.
Completely ignoring our problems and refusing to acknowledge and do something about it is Avoidance. It leads us nowhere and adds to our stress even more.

Escapism on the other hand, is Avoidance, but in low doses. 😊 Disengaging from our problems for a brief period of time helps us cope an emotional exhaustion and re-energise after the break. You can call it a momentary respite, or an emotional vacation , but not a way of life.

Escapism can be in the form of pursuing a hobby or an art, traveling, reading, sleeping, binging, smoking , alcohol or even drugs. It is up to us to choose our ways to escape and make sure that it only adds positives to balance out the negatives. That is where it would REALLY help us find peace and accept that, sometimes, it’s just okay, even good for us, to seek a happy escape when things seem impossible.
Everyone deserves an escape and yours can be whatever you need it to be. But remember to not let it go too far and become Avoidance!
So tell me, what is your Escape route?!

This picture is from my recent trip to Jaipur and was taken at Patrika gate. You can find more of my travel pictures on my Instagram account.

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  1. That is one seriously awesome article. So many of us go through this phase and are unable to even understand what is wrong. Thanks for bringing this up!

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