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That moment called EPIPHANY!

We all have some defining moments in our lives, be it professional or personal. Moments where there’s a sudden revelation that changes us in some way. That moment when we suddenly understand, or become conscious of something that is very important to us. The English literature has a beautiful word for this moment: EPIPHANY

If you are a parent, I am sure you clearly remember that moment, which made you realise that you are actually a parent now. For majority of us, it comes the moment we hold our babies for the first time.

Unlike a lot of other moms, having an epiphany of being a parent, didn’t come to me when I saw Noddy for the first time. The first time I saw him, I was quite numb and busy admiring his tiny features. I kept asking the people around me , is he really my baby?! Did I make this?🤣

The moment came some time later, when the postpartum hormones were on their rise. It was a Sunday and we had numerous visitors at home to greet our new member of the family. It so happened that I had to leave Noddy alone in our room to keep my utensils in the kitchen.

It had been just a couple of seconds when I heard him crying. I rushed to the room immediately as I knew he was asleep when I had left him.

To my horror , I saw a 2 year old boy , who had come with his parents, and was really interested in touching the baby but was threatened not to do so by his mom, somehow sneaked inside the room and was pressing Noddy like a toy… The kinds of toys that make sound when they are pressed.🙄

My suture dressing from the C sec was not even removed, and I remember picking up that toddler ( who was quite heavy by my standards as a new mom😃) and planting him out of my room and rushing back to Noddy. It all happened in a fraction of a second, like a reflex.

It was that moment when tears just trickled down my eyes, and I looked at my baby realised that I was responsible for this tiny human and that I am going to protect him forever, come what may.

That was my moment of truth, just like that, 8 days after I became a mom.
I would love to know yours too!❤️

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