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Seek wholeness, not happiness.

The pursuit of happiness is a theme that is prevalent in most of our lives. Majority of the decisions and choices we make in our lives are based on whether it makes us happy or not.
But happiness and wholeness are two different things. Let us not confuse between the two.
No one likes to dwell in the darkness and feel the uncomfortable feelings of sadness, disappointment, frustration and failure. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen to us, does it? It is these moments of darkness that teach us some beautiful lessons in our lives which help us sail through our ups and downs in future.

Happiness is comprised of fleeting, fuzzy moments that are definitely not permanent.
Wholeness, on the other hand, is made of a spectrum of other emotions too. Part of which are sadness, fear, anger and disappointment.
The next time someone asks you to “cheer up!” when you are low, don’t just do that.
Our society is obsessed with finding and creating happiness rather than embracing wholeness. We avoid the other emotions so much that we are unable to channelise them in a way we channelise our happiness.
Quick question. When was the last time a moment of happiness, victory or fulfillment taught you something great in your life? Or did those moments of disappointments and failures bring you your best learnings?

The point is, every emotion has it’s own place and importance. If they are helping you grow and contribute to the wholeness in your life, then they are worth the acceptance.

The next time you feel those uncomfortable feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger or fear, don’t think about running away from it towards happiness. Embrace it, sit with it and hear it out. It will go back on it’s own when it’s acknowledged. And there is a bright chance that it will teach you something worthwhile. Emotional spectrum is broad and missing any of it – yes, even the disappointments, the failures and the daily grind – would be to miss out on the spectacular experience of wholeness.

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