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The first time I saw him💓

The first time I saw him💓

Becoming a #FirstTimeMom is quite an overwhelming experience for any woman. The first time you see those pink lines, to the time you hold him in your arms, each experience is special in its own unique way.

The first time!

I clearly remember the first time I saw my baby. Baby was born in the morning and apart from the glimpse I got of him inside the OT, I hadn’t got to see him until noon. My family was in our private ward while I was having my sleep in the post op room. All I remember of that time was that I was very thirsty, my belly felt lighter and I kept waking for seconds and thinking “when will they bring my #Noddy to me?!” (Yeah, the name was decided already).😅😅
And then they took me to the ward. Coincidentally, it was the same room where I was admitted 2 years ago for a week for disc bulge in my lower back, the most depressing phase of my life.
And then, he came! Wrapped in my first blanket and wearing my first ever clothes! Yeah, my mom had presrved them for this day in my life. Everyone kept telling me that he looks like me and my dad, but I desperately wanted him to look like my husband. So, the first thing I saw was his chin, which I feel is the only feature which resembles his dad😅
My first reaction was “is this my baby?” I remember saying this to my sister in law and my sister.
As I write this, I get emotional thinking what was once a yesterday’s event, has become an almost 2 old memory already!

The dilemma of motherhood

Motherhood is a very important phase in a woman’s life. Our bodies are undergoing changes like never before, we experience changes in our behaviour patterns and mood swings and on top of it there’s this delicate ,tiny human to take care of, who can just communicate by crying! Phew!
Everyone and anyone around us have so many suggestions to give… Do’s and don’ts with the baby. Needless to say, it leaves us even more perplexed and leaves us wondering if we can ever go right with our motherhood journey.
Research says that a woman gets to re-experience her own childhood in the act of parenting, repeating what was good, and trying to improve what was not.
What every mother wants for her child is to protect her . Babies don’t come with an instruction manual but it’s actually incredible how our mother’s instinct kicks in and no matter how well meaning an advice anyone gives, no one can know our baby better than us.

Water wipes by Mother Sparsh

When I came to know about Mother Sparsh wipes through social media, I knew I wanted to try it out for my baby for it’s two key features:
*100 percent plant based fabric
*98 percent pure water based wipes
It contains Aloe Vera extracts and Jojoba oil and are suitable to use right from birth as #firstwaterwipes.

Clinically, proven for preventing diaper rashes, they are extremely soft and also completely biodegradable.
Priced at RS 135 for a pack of 80 wipes, it comes in a resealable and handy packaging.
I have been using this product since last 4 to 5 months after trying wipes from many many other brands. I do not find a reason to switch to any other brand now and I am completely satisfied with the product.

Like all my other posts, I try to share products/ hacks/ ideologies that has worked for me as a parent so that you get an honest and unplugged version of my parenthood journey. This blog post is part of a collaboration sponsored by Mother Sparsh and the experiences shared about the product are my own over a period of 4 to 5 months.

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