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6 reasons why MotherSparsh 99 percent wipes is the baby product of the year 2018

Baby hygiene products is a big market and has a lot of brands entering every year and claiming to be better than the other. With the recent news about a popular brand going under the scanner for containing cancer causing agents in its products, as a mother it makes me extremely worried about my child’s health and safety. As a result, I always try to research , fund and use brands and products that are safe for my little one. I also share the reviews after using them with you so that you can also make an informed choice.

If you are a regular reader of my blog and my Instagram profile, you must have read about the 98 per cent MotherSparsh baby wipes I have been using for Noddy. I have reviewed it recently and you can read about it here.

MotherSparsh is my favourite brand for the baby wipes and they have recently launched their even gentler variant for new borns, MotherSparsh Premium 99 percent water wipes.

I loved how MotherSparsh has gone that extra mile to make these wipes the safest thing that touches your baby’s skin, making it the baby product of the year 2018 for me.

1.As gentle and safe as water

Specially designed for extra gentle care for neonates and babies with sensitive skin, these wipes are unscented to ensure a low allergenic potential for sensitive skin. By making it 99 percent water based and by ensuring that no unnecessary chemicals are added, these wipes are the safest thing touching a new borns skin.

2.Excellent fabric quality.

It is not 1, not 2, but 3 times thicker than any other wipes! Made of medical graded, finest quality plant based fabric, it makes sure your baby doesn’t get any of those angry red rashes.

3.Extremely convinient to use

We all know how the last lot of the wipes dry up just because the seal of the package gets ineffective after multiple uses. A great feature of this product is the plastic lid for moisture lock which ensures that they remain fresh for a longer period of time.

4. Can be used on all body parts.

These wipes are alcohol , parabens and sulfates free. So you can go ahead and use on all body parts, including face and sensitive areas

5. Affordable and handy

priced at RS 299 for 72 pieces, they are quite affordable in the neonates skin care range. The packaging makes it handy enough to be used on the go and it will easily fit in your diaper bag too!

6. Friendly to the environment

They are completely natural and 100 per cent biodegradable. I love it when a brand does that extra bit to be eco friendly and harm the environment as less as possible.

Have you ever come across all these amazing features in a single baby product? I am sure you haven’t and that’s why I feel that MotherSparsh 99 per cent wipes are the baby product of the year 2018 in terms of safety and quality.

So, if you are looking for baby wipes for that extra sensitive skin of your baby, look no further. I am sure that you will love these wipes the way I did!

This is a sponsored post and the views expressed are my own. You can buy the product here.

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