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My list of top 5 Cloth diaper brands : unpaid and unplugged review

My list of top 5 Cloth diaper brands : unpaid and unplugged review

If you are a newmom and active on social media, cloth diapers are one thing you couldnt have missed reading about. 

There are a lot of brilliant blog posts on advantages, disadvantages and types of cloth diapers available.

To get started with cloth diapering,  like every new mom I was confused about which brand to go for.  Reading on the various platforms on the internet confused me even further. So after a lot of personal research I built my own stash bit by bit. I ordered one product from every brand that I found useful and completely by hit and trial method built my stash. I use cloth diapers throughout the day . I am yet to start night time cloth diapering but we will get there very soon
In this post, I have tried to document my own experiences with different brands and their pros and cons. This review is purely based on my own experiences and your own experience may vary depending on a lot of factors.. So here we goI have ranked these brands in the order of my preference for them



 What I bought:  cover diaper
COST: INR 345 ( just the cover, you need to buy liner/insert separately) 
Link :https://lalubaby.com/collections/diaper-covers


☆ this is my first buy, using since 5 months.

☆no leakage at all when I use it with superbottoms insert.  

☆Dries super fast after washing as it doesn’t have an inner cloth layer like pocket diapers


 ☆the prints are NOT as cute as other brands.. that’s the only cons I can think of 😀


What I bought : pocket  diaper 
Link :http://figohoney.com
Cost: INR 446 with the insert 


☆ cute prints
☆Great value for money 
☆Using it since more than a month, no leakage issues so far
☆The insert is thinner than other brands, so it makes the diaper less bulky for the baby


☆it’s a pocket diaper so the outer shell takes a longer time to dry than a cover diaper


What I bought: Duet diaper

Link : https://www.bumpadum.com

Cost: INR 949 with toddler insert 


☆ being the trimmest in the crotch area among all diapers, they have a great fit

☆Some really droolworthy prints
☆Have snap buttons to hold the insert in place
☆The insert is buttery soft
☆ The only brand Made in India by a hard working mompreneur. Read more about her here


☆price is a little higher than others in the market.. but that is understandable as they manufacture it themselves too.

☆After a few hours it starts leaking in the crotch area 


What I bought : a cover diaper
Link: http://www.superbottoms.com/product-category/diapers-buy/cover-diapers-buy/
Cost: INR 890 with 2 inserts


☆ They are the BEST INSERTS in my stash; soft, efficient, thin and very comfortable.. I use these inserts with my Lalubaby cover diapers too. 

☆The snap-on buttons help hold the insert in place.

☆The cutest prints among all the brands.  If you haven’t seen the prints all over social media yet, you are probably living in a hole! 😀


☆ I feel disappointed to write that the cover gets wet in the crotch area every single time I use it. I have tried to find out the mistake I am making  in the fitting several times.. The owner, Pallavi Utagi has been very patient with me in troubleshooting the problem and was just a message away, but it just didnt work out for us.Maybe the fitting does not work for my baby; that’s the explanation I have made peace with!

☆priced a little higher than other brands


 What I bought : a pocket diaper trial pack
Link : https://www.facebook.com/beetlediapers/
Price:  INR 500 including insert


☆ The softest diaper in my stash!
☆ Their charcoal bamboo liners are super absorbent and universal to use
☆ value for money
☆ The owner , Meera is a very cooperative and sweet lady and answers all the queries very patiently. 


☆some leakage issues sometimes.. probably when they are not fitted properly.

So, here it is. My honest take on cloth diaper brands I own. Do let me know what you think about it !



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  1. I am considering to use cloth diapers instead of the disposable ones but I have no idea what brand to use. I’ll use this post as a reference hihi

  2. It’s great to see the detailed post on cloth diapering and cloth diapers .. when I was in such confusion I didn’t find something like this to help. Hands off Mumma.. it would n great use to new moms

  3. We have used lalubaby and bumpadum diapers. I used them throughout from 3 month to 18 months now. Sadly my cloth diapering journey will be ending soon, planning to start potty training. Great roundup of diaper brands.

  4. WOW, loved the list, will be very useful for parents who are in a dilemma to choose which brand and what are the pros and cons of each. However, we use bumberry and chuddy buddy and totally love these.

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