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3 Life changing hacks to a free and happy you

3 Life changing hacks to a free and happy you

This blog post is a part of a blogtrain which talks about interpretation of freedom in our own way. It got me thinking , isnt the biggest restraint to our freedom our state of mind? Our everyday attitude towards routine stuff affects this state of mind.
So I am sharing here some easy life changing hacks towards a free-er and happi-er you!

1) Stop worrying!

its easier said than done. Isnt it? But there are some things steps I follow when I am worried.
I ask myself the following questions:
A) is it about something that is not under my control? If it is , there’s no point getting worried about it anyways.
B) is it about an opinion people have formed about me? Again, people are not paying my bills. So I throw this one out of my window
C) is it about money that I haven’t earned yet? This usually happens very rarely as I am not a money minded person. But when it happens I rather focus on spending less, as it’s easier for me to do than earn more😊
D) is it about a lie I told to someone I love? This one beats the crap out me. For this very reason as don’t like to lie to anyone. When I lie to someone, I keep remembering about the facts I have stated and it gives me a lot of stress. Staying honest is staying stress free. But it does come with it’s own price😀

2) Get healthy

a healthy body makes a healthy mind.
Exercises helps release endorphins in our bodies which keeps us stress free and in a happy state of mind.
If you can’t exercise daily, go for a walk.. in a new direction everyday !

Mental health is important too and is often ignored.
Talking to someone you love and trust does a lot to help get rid of unnecessary stress in our lives .so talk to a friend everyday. You will be surprised at how happy and free it makes you .

3) Change your routine

We are nothing but slaves of our own comfort zones. Breaking your everyday routine and trying something new and adventurous helps us reach out of our comfort zones and makes us free.
Keeping ourselves open to new experiences helps us rediscover ourselves and expand our own horizons.
Once in a while, embrace spontaneity and give in to your impulse. It’s okay to be impulsive sometimes.

Keeping your focus on the simplest things brings us joy . So relax, juiceup your heart and embrace a life full of freedom from the hurdles you create for yourself.

What are your simple things that bring sunshine to your life?

This post is a part of the Independence Blog Train hosted by Foodietweeter and Prettylilthingss1 and should not be repurposed, republished or used otherwise. I nominate Nehal for the next post and take this train ahead.


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  1. I agree with you completely. I don’t worry about anything so first tick for me then getting healthy is important because fat body leads to problems. And to get you need to change the routine.

  2. I cant help worrying. Most of the times, i end up stressing myself so much that I don’t even smile for days. Need to work on it.

  3. I totally agree with you. It took me many years to understand that i was a slave to my comfort zone too. Thanks for the great post.

  4. Most of the times we worry about things that are beyond our control. As you rightly pointed out, finding that self assurance that you can’t do anything about it is also important.

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