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6 ways to identify your strengths

6 ways to identify your strengths

We often compare ourselves with others around us , and feel superior or inferior to them based on our strengths and our weaknesses. A lot of us tend to focus more on what we are not good at, that is, our weaknesses. As a result , we find ourselves inhibited when we take on new challenges

On the contrary, a very few of us think or know about what we are actually good at, that is, our strengths. While it is good to be aware of our weaknesses, it is equally important to know our strengths and focus on them for our self development and personal growth. Focusing on our strengths helps us seek opportunities, while focusing on our weaknesses help us seek problems. There’s no doubt about the fact that if we understand our strengths, it will help us grow more, focus and aim higher.

These simple steps will help you identify your strengths

✔️ Think about an activity you are effective at, and tend to succeed at most of the times
✔️Is there any activity that you instinctively look forward to doing? Something which makes you feel alive and motivated? Something you love doing so much that your excitement is visible?
✔️Is there any activity in which you get so engrossed, that time just flies by, and it also grows you as a person?
✔️ There are some activities that make us tired, but leave us feeling fulfilled. Which is it for you?
✔️Is there anything you do that others compliment you about?
✔️For which thing others reach out to your for your help the most??
Think about the answers to these questions and you will find your strengths. And once you have found them, harness them, design a life where you use them everyday. Find your edges and sharpen them to carve out a life you would love to live. ❤️

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