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I gave myself a priority over my child. And here’s what happened…

I gave myself a priority over my child. And here’s what happened…

Yes, I plead guilty of committing the cardinal sin of parenthood. I gave myself a priority over my child and feel that you should too. And that isn’t a bad news at all. Here’s why..

Being a good parent has nothing to do with how little I am sleeping, how quickly I take my shower or how poorly I am eating, despite spending that extra time in the kitchen, whipping up nourishing meals for my little one. And exercise! Isn’t that a luxury for parenthood?

Researches and studies have found that mothers distress levels have a significant impact on the well being of their children. There is a significant link between depressed and distressed mothers and behaviour problems in their children. Parental depression not only affects our children, but also makes our parenting less effective.

Do you remember the instructions given in the aircraft where they ask you to wear your oxygen mask first before helping our children? The same thing goes for life too. In order to take good care of our children, we need to take care of ourselves too. In fact, both parents must take care of themselves to maintain the equilibrium for a happy family.

Some of the things which can help us be a better version of ourselves include
✔️ A good bedtime routine and getting good rest
✔️ Eating a healthy diet
✔️ Getting some exercise
✔️ Maintain close relationship with friends
✔️ Not being afraid to ask for help when you realise you aren’t coping

The benefits of the above include higher patience levels, better rest, higher self esteem, better relationship with your spouse to model for children and an overall state of better mental and physical well being.

Our children watch us , learn from us and always model our healthy or unhealthy habits. So the secret to what they eat, how they think, behave and act lies in how we do the same things ourselves.

So, dear moms and dads who are reading this, take those 15 minutes to meditate, drink that cup of tea uninterrupted or turn off that cellphone and walk around the block to let off the steam that develops quickly with our exhaustive lifestyle.

The key to be a better parent is a great deal of selflessness with a dose of selfishness. Take up the ” happy me” project and start prioritising yourself. You will not only find a happier you, but a happy family too.

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  1. The best thing that I read in a long time Everyday I meet many ladies, Mommies too who keep on saying ( myself included 🙊) about me time,but doing something about it is important.

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