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8 Effective home remedies for cough & cold for your baby

With the falling temperatures comes the annoying problem of cold and cough in children . It not only affects their sleep, but also kills their appetite.
Here are some common home remedies tried and tested by me which will surely help in improving their condition. However, I emphasize that if the condition persists beyond 4 to 5 days, you must consult your pediatrician
1) Hing, Ajwain potli : dry roast a pinch of heeng, half tea spoon ajwain and two garlic cloves and then tie them in a piece of thin cloth like a potli. Crush the contents of the potli with a heavy object like a rolling pin so that the aroma becomes stronger. Keep it next to your baby while he sleeps. This will prevent the nose getting blocked and the baby will sleep more comfortably.

2) Garlic in mustard oil : burn some cloves of garlic in mustard oil and let the oil cool down. Use this oil to massage on the the chest and back of your baby, preferably before bath.

3) Ghee and salt: add some common salt to warm desi ghee and rub this mixture on your baby’s back to give relief from cold and cough

4) Vaporubs: while it’s not advisable to apply Vicks vaporub directly on the skin for babies, applying a small quantity onto the clothes, especially the collar area gives relief from a blocked nose

5) for younger babies, breastfeeding also helps them in getting immunity against common illnesses.

6) Saffron paste : although I haven’t tried this one yet, applying saffron paste on the forehead soothes the aching sinuses.

7) Light steam using a steamer with a few drops of eucalyptus oil gives relief in case of stuffy nose.

8) For stuffy nose: regular administration of saline drops in the nostrils, humidifier, steam with eucalyptus oil and gently cleaning the nostrils with ear buds always helps.

Hope you found these home remedies helpful. I would love to know any more remedies in the comments below

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