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Hello everyone! Sorry for being so irregular on my blog. Believe me, I am trying hard to juggle my virtual existence on my Instagram profile, my business page and this, my blog.
A lot has happened since I wrote my last post, the highlight being a live session on radio and social media with radio Mirchi in my capacity as a mom blogger! You can see the video here!!
I just came back from a vacation to the beautiful city of Udaipur and had a great time there. Travelling with a toddler can be tricky as the topmost priority on a moms mind is to feed them safe and healthy food wherever we go.
So today I want to share with you a list of eatables I carry when we are outdoors for a long time.


🔶 Buy small size containers so that they take little space in your diaper bag
🔶make sure they have tight lids to avoid accidental spills
🔶These containers also double up as bowls in case you are carrying baby cereal like Cerelac.. you just need to add some hot water, and your meal is ready.


🔶it makes a great and healthy snack especially for teething babies
🔶It also helps me keep Noddy engaged and entertained for quite sometime as he loves to pick them up one by one and put it in his mouth😊
( Yay! to baby-led weaning💃)


🔶called “makahna” in Hindi, they are my recent addition to Noddy’s list of snacks.
🔶Very easily available, quick to prepare and last a long time
🔶 Make sure you cut them in half to check for worms. Small size also prevents choking in babies
🔶Dry roast them on a low flame till they get crisp to the core.. that’s it! Easy peezy!!


🔶this one was a serendipitous finding at the breakfast buffet in out hotel
🔶Since Noddy is teething, he loves to munch on crispy corn flakes
🔶Again, the bite size is just right for babies to pick up and eat on their own.


🔶 A super food for babies, we all know the multiple benefits of introducing bananas to their diet
🔶 Easy to carry and eat. Carry a spoon with you if your baby is at a stage where he eats mashed food. As Noddy is 1 now and has crossed that stage, he loves to take small bites by himself
🔶Keep it at the top of your bag, or in a separate pocket, wrapped in a plastic sheet to make sure there’s no spillage in case it gets squashed while travelling
🔶Most hotels serve 🍌 in their breakfast buffet. I never forget to pick one and save it in my bag for the rest of the day.


🔶You can try baby cookies from different brands available online. Our favorite is nutriibowl
🔶Glucose biscuits and soup sticks are another option which are easily available and loved by babies. Although refined sugar is not recommended in babies below one year of age, but once in a while won’t hurt.
🔶Make sure you carry these in small containers I mentioned earlier as they tend to get crushed in a bag.


🔶Again, I don’t prefer to use them when I am at home but they make a good and safe option when we are travelling
🔶Carry Cerelac powder in a quantity to suffice a meal in the small containers. All you will need is some hot water. These days, an electric kettle and bottled mineral water is easy to get in hotels. I also carry a small flask with me while I am going out for sight seeing/airport.

🔶Another option which Noddy loves is fruit and vegetable puree by Happibo foods. They come in small sizes and are sealed. So again they are very convenient to use and carry. Noddy like the Mango and Sweet Potato puree the most.


🔶Idli, paper dosa, chapati and parantha are easily available wherever we go and are relatively safer options to try with the baby
🔶Another favourite food with babies is french fries. Being a fried food, it’s always on the bottom of my list and I try it only when I don’t have any other option.

So, that’s it! That’s my list of foods I carry and try with Noddy when I am outdoors. Hope you find it useful enough.

You might also want to read my post on other things to pack for the baby when travelling.

Do let me know how helpful this post was for you!

Until next time! Chow!! ❤️

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  1. Well written and explained….i know its a big challenge for parents to travel with kids, especially the part. I am sure parents would be benefitted from your blog as the tips and suggestions are self tested and tried ones….Keep the the gud work going!!!

  2. Very well written..you solved problems of lot of parents..most of the parents wonder what to carry for toddlers while travelling..keep writing such good stuff..All the best!!

  3. I have to agree that travelling with kids is a tough job. I took my little Aaru for trekking when he was 4 months.
    At that age it’s mostly bf and little bit of top feed (Nan Pro 1).
    At 1+ the options are wider. The ideas given above are excellent. Just that I use them with little modification.
    Like, I roast the puffed rice in ghee. As for Fox nuts, I roast them too in ghee and sprinkle a little rock salt (sendha namak) on top. Aaru loves it.
    I’ve introduced almost all kinds of fruits. So I pack things like grapes, orange’s slices etc).
    I’m taking Aaru out again this weekend to Jungle Safari. Let’s see how it works out.

    1. Adding ghee is a great way to make it even better for toddlers. Stocking up on fruits that can be carried easily are my first option too. All the best with the jungle safari. Hope you and Aaru have a great time

  4. Superb.. The way you articulate the whole real time scenarios is great.: way to go darling😘👍🏻keep helping.. Wishing the best always😘👍🏻

  5. Thanks Sanju… very well described tips for travelling parents… I too carry most of these things while travelling as I am a very frequent traveller…I prefer carrying ragi Chocos for my daughter..and also grapes if they are available alone with bananas…also home cooked besan or atta laddus…coz they don’t get spoilt and are very filling…and yes cheese slices..a healthy and filling snack..:I am very glad that you have taken this great initiative …great going girl…keep blogging

  6. Awesome writing……so well explained….very helpful for struggling Moms….Well Done

  7. Banana is the one thing that I usually remember to take while travelling with kids. I always wonder what else to take and spend hours guessing the same !! Now this list helps a lot. Saving this for future.❤️

  8. Very well written dr.sanjivini…. Keep sharing and keep writing…. All the best.

  9. well explained article, really gonna help in our future travelings with my kid …
    simple , light , nutritious and hygienic foodstuffs n snacking ideas 😊👍
    thanx for sharing …

  10. Well written Sanjivini.
    Travelling with baby requires lot of preparations. My baby has spilling problem so have to carry lots of bib’s and hankies if we are travelling. Plus a small container of formula milk in case required. Few of their basic precautionary medicine are also good to carry on safer note..
    But its fun enjoying the trip with the little one.
    Liked your article..keep posting😊

  11. Loved the ideas Dear. Though I aware about some but carrying lotus seeds and cornflakes are good options too .
    Since my daughter love cheeselings , we always carry that with us too and also a khichdi to take care of one of her meal while travelling . If you are going somewhere international , carrying a rice cooker is a good idea too .

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