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Interesting Easter traditions from around the world.

Easter is celebrated as a festival and a holiday to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ, three days after he was crucified. It signifies rebirth and celebrates new beginnings and start of life. Here are some popular and interesting traditions followed around the world on Easter
Americans traditionally celebrate Easter decorating eggs and giving away candies by the Easter Bunny. Both eggs and rabbits are signs of fertility and celebrate new life, spring and fresh starts.
In Florence, Italy, Easter is celebrated by lighting a cart full of fireworks during the Easter mass. It is believed to ensure a good harvest in the season.

Children in Finland celebrate Easter by dressing up as witches, carrying decorated willow twigs and begging for chocolate eggs. An Easter bonfire is also burnt in this part of the world to ward off evil spirits .
The Polish celebrate Easter by drenching each other in water. Legend says that girls who get drenched are likely to get married within a year.
In Haux, a southern French town, Easter is celebrated by serving a giant omelette made of around 4500 eggs and consumed by hundreds of people. Legend says that it was a tradition started by Napoleon who loved the omelette he ate in this town while he was travelling with his army. The omelette is served the next day of Easter.
Greeks in the town of Corfu welcome the spring by throwing away old earthern pots from their windows on the streets. This Easter tradition is again believed to get a good harvest in the coming season and welcomes new beginnings by getting rid of the old items.
There’s a funny and wierd tradition in eastern European countries like Czech republic and Slovakia in Easter. On Easter Monday, men on the streets roam around with Willow branches in their hands. Since willow is one of the first trees to bloom in spring, it’s decorated branches are used to playfully spank the backsides of girls roaming on the streets in order to transfer the vitality and fertility from the tree to the women!!

Isn’t it really interesting how new beginnings are celebrated across the world in different ways. In India too, this time of the year is marked by Navratri, Gudi Padwa, Ugadi, Baisakhi which are all based on the ideas of auspicious days and change of seasons marking fresh starts and new beginnings.

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