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Be your own cheerleader!

Be your own cheerleader!

I love the way my toddler my looks , laughs, smiles and kisses himself when he stands in front of a full length mirror! Our little ones have an innate sense of appreciation for themselves, probably hardwired at birth!
Sadly, as we grow up into the “real” world, we hear and see things that lead us to be believe that we are not good enough and need to be fixed. Far too often we rely on others in our lives to provide us with a best friends kindness, a child’s love or a spouse’s support.
The truth is, if we need love and support, the first place to look is within ourselves. Do not wait for others for the accomplishement of your goals. Don’t wait for anyone to create ideal circumstances for you to experience excitement, joy and inspiration in your life.
Be your own cheerleader. Be your own coach . And above all, be your number one fan! Remember the dialogue ” Main apni favourite hu” . Be that girl!

I am a dreamer, always been and always will. But I also struggle with a lot of self doubt and have a hard time believing in myself. Contradictions!
I use these ideas when I need inspiration to cheer myself on. You can use them too:

1) when faced by challenges, root for yourself the same way you would do for your loved ones
2) “pick yourself up” and be there for yourself to gather the pieces when things are falling apart for you. It is one of the most courageous things to do.
3) don’t rely on others to comfort you and regain a positive outlook towards life. Learn to comfort yourself and steer in the positive direction
4) Never downplay your accomplishments. Celebrate your big and small successes and pat yourself on the back regularly. Work hard, party harder!
5) Run your own race. There’s no room for comparison in your life.

Self appreciation is unlike Arrogance and comes from a positive space of love, self worth and honouring ourselves for what we are and what we have- both good and bad. It provides us with a sense of leadership and control over ourselves. Learning to fulfill our own needs allows us to avoid a destructive dependency on others for our feelings of worthiness.

So, the next weekend, spend some time with yourself. Treat yourself with your favourite coffee and that dessert. Even better, gift yourself some flowers!


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