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Amylase Rich Foods: an essential requirement for weaning babies

Amylase Rich Foods: an essential requirement for weaning babies

Most of the staple food we eat like rice, maize and wheat, are all starchy. And starchy foods are bulky which means that even when the babies’ tiny tummies are filled with such food, they fail to get all the calories they need.
So, you should not treat your child like an adult and expect him/her to eat as much as you do. Since you cannot increase the quantity of food, try to increase the quality of food that you provide to your child by making the food nutrient dense.

How to solve this problem?

✔️Addition of fats like ghee or oil
✔️Protien rich food like pulses, beans, milk and milk products
✔️Sweetening agents such as date syrup and jaggery

✔️Adding adequate amount of fruits and vegetables to your child’s diet


Flours of germinated cereals, which are rich in the enzyme alpha-amylase, constitute Amylase-Rich Foods (ARFs).

The addition of Amylase Rich Food (ARF) lowers the dietary bulk and increases the energy content, thus making the porridges easier to consume for weaning babies.

It is made by soaking foodgrains like wheat, ragi or bajra overnight followed by keeping them in a dark moist environment so that they sprout in the next 2 to 3 days. The grains are then sun dried for 5 to 8 hours and then toasted lightly to remove any moisture. The grains are then powdered and can be stored in air tight containers. Use this powder in daal, soups, purees , porridges, it any other way you want to.

Why Nutriibowl?

The entire process of making ARF powder is a meticulous and cumbersome one. Although it is now available easily in the market, there is always a question mark about the hygiene and quality of the product.

What if I told you that there’s a brand wherein a mother and a grandmother prepare such products in their own kitchen?

I recently discovered Nutriibowl and here are some things you need to know about their brand

➡️ A brand of wholesome and pure homemade baby food products, made without preservatives, added flavors, added sugar or salt. 100% Organic & Natural.
➡️They don’t stock or shelf anything. Everything is made only when you place an order, so that it reach you fresh.So the products are literally from their kitchen to your babies bowl.
➡️All the recipes are tried and tested since generations. Can there be anything better than a recipe prepared by your own mom or mother in law ? There’s an entire family running this business and a grandmother is in charge of the kitchen.
➡️There are lot of ingredients which goes into a recipe. Each one of them is soaked separately, allowed to sprout & then dried under sun and roasted individually as each ingredients roast at different temperature. So it takes around 5 to 7 days for overall processing. Only a mother would appreciate the value of these efforts put in.

I tried their sprouted 5 cereal mix , daliya elaichi, kichdi porridge mix and muti millet cookies, which had jaggery instead of sugar and were extremely delicious and soft unlike other baby biscuits available out there
Since Noddy can nibble with his tiny teeth now, we used the powders to make pancakes. I usually add a little besan and rawa to make the pancakes crispier and easy to cook and handle on a tawa .

The powder can be added to khichdi, dough or idli/dosa/appam batter to add more nutrition to the babies’ food. That is why I would recommend it not only as a weaning food but also as a healthy addition to the meals of toddlers and kids.

We are so happy to discover this brand and would continue to use it for a long time ahead. Have you tried it yet? If not, do so! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Have personally tried this brand for my little one and i was really impressed..It is both useful during weaning and travel when the baby refuses to eat anything else..This is definitely an rescue

  2. I would love to try this brand. The concept of amylase rich food is new for me, but it’s something healthy. And a great option for moms of fussy eaters like me.

  3. I have no idea about the importance of amalyse rich food in our child’s diet but after reading this will definitely try the yaazh food mixes..

  4. I used to give khichdi to my girls with different vegetables. These look like a very good baby food packets. Liked the combinations like khichdi and porridge. Thaks for the review.

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