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About those ordinary moments that make life beautiful

About those ordinary moments that make life beautiful

It’s so heartwarming to see our kids grow up a little more each day. Somedays they surprise us by playing a new prank , the other days, they surprise us by becoming a little more loving and caring.

Noddy has been surprising me a lot these days . Bringing the biscuits when we are having our chai so that we dip it in the chai and give it to him, offering us to eat from his own hands, whatever he is eating ( even if it’s picked up from the floor🙄) , the affection and friendship he shows to all our househelps , even though it means that everyone stops doing the work they are supposed to do and play with Noddy instead😄.. all these things bring so much joy that it perhaps cannot be described in words..

This morning, while I was about to leave for work and was packing my things, maybe from the commotion around, Noddy sensed that it was time for someone to leave the house. I was prepared for some cries and tears, as usual. Instead , he surprised me by waving me goodbye. Right upto the door, and saw me off while I left in our car. He didn’t have a smile on his face. Just his usual calm self, as if he has accepted and forgiven his mom for leaving him and going to work for some hours.❤️

I don’t know if this was one of his random mood swings or if it’s going to be like this in future too, but it just melted my heart to see him accept me for leaving the house, without any tantrums .
It just made me feel a little less guilty and a lot more stronger for choosing my work over him, just for a few hours each day..

Isn’t it true that our children are our biggest weakness, and also our greatest strength??

Would love to know about such small moments from your life too!

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