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A new moms guide to travelling with an infant.

A new moms guide to travelling with an infant.

Last week we had to go for a short official trip to Trivandrum and we decided to extend our stay for a couple of days there for a mini holiday. 

Ever since I became pregnant I was sceptical about travelling with a baby by flight because I had heard and read so many stories about babies getting uncomfortable during landing and take off. 

After doing all my research about ways to engage a baby,  I was nervous , yet prepared about our first flight as a family. So at 32 weeks that is, at 7 and a half months, Noddy travelled for the first time by air. We travelled by Indigo and had a really good experience. The staff was extremely cooperative both in the airport and on the flight since we were travelling with an infant. 

 Since it was a connecting flight from Lucknow to Trivandrum,  we had to board two aircrafts.

I kept nursing him through almost all the landings and take offs and everything went just fine, much to our relief!

Noddy slept through the journey most of the time. The remaining time I had kept my diaper bag ready with all his favourite toys and books. He also kept his fellow passengers entertained by his antics which was another surprise to us.

So here’s a short list of must haves in your  diaper  bag while travelling with a baby by flight

1) a swaddle cloth to keep him warm

2) enough tissues : all kinds.. wet and dry.

3) hand sanitizer. I used Palm Safe which is an alcohol free foam based sanitizer  

4) some toys to keep him engaged

5) a couple of diapers for change

6) diaper sheet/ changing mat

7) baby food.  I used milk powder dispensers to store enough amount for one meal. All I needed was some warm water which is easily available on request in flights and a spoon to feed him

8) some Ziploc bags to keep liquids, and sterilised items packed separately. Remember to not keep too many liquids like lotions etc  in your check in bag. Security staff allows not more than 200 ml liquid per person

9)  an empty water bottle. You can refill it once security check is done.

10) a pacifier. I have used it only a couple of times for my baby. But it helped a great deal while landing to prevent any ear discomfort.

11) wear a stole and use the two t shirt method of breastfeeding.  It makes it easy to nurse your baby anywhere without any awkwardness. 

12) don’t forget to carry a copy of your baby’s birth certificate. 

13) baby carrier. If you are a babywearing mom, you cannot forget to carry your carrier in your check in luggage. I kept wearing my baby during all security checks in Lucknow,  Delhi,  Mumbai and Trivandrum airport and I wasn’t asked to remove the carrier. It made my life super easy and comfortable. 

A major major saviour for us throughout our trip was our baby Carrier. We own a full buckle Ssc carrier by soul. This one is versatile and can be used from infancy to toddlerhood. And, what is more, I can carry my baby in any position.. conventional, front facing , hip carry or back carry.

Hope this list helps you in your next trip. Do let me know what you think about it! 

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  1. What a great great post and I love the tip of having ziplock bag for all the sterilised stuff, I never bought of THAT. I agree when Anjie was a baby our carrier did save us tons of times. ❤️

  2. Awsm post sanjivni☺… with so many lovely pics of urs n noddy… cuttttty noddy… n u lukin supperb.. back to college dayz figure.. grrrrttttt👌👌

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